Stacy’s Letter – September 2019

Hullo Travelers! It’s been a heck of a month here at Classic Escapes. For those of you who know me, you might have heard that I had a little mishap that landed me in the hospital. Don’t worry! I’m getting better every day and am still making sure Classic Escapes runs as smoothly as ever.…

Stacy’s Letter – August 2019

Buenos Dias, travelers! Can you believe summer is already coming to a close? 2019 has been a whirlwind of a year so far and there’s even more on the horizon as we gear up for the annual AZA conference and all the goodies that entails! This month, we’ve put the spotlight on Patagonia – a…

Stacy’s Letter – July 2019

How’s it going, travelers? This month we’re taking a relaxing stateside visit to the Golden State – California. Anyone who’s been there can tell you that there are too many things to do and places to see in one trip – from the sandy white beaches of Malibu to the glitz in Hollywood to the…

Stacy’s Letter – June 2019

Nǐ hǎo, travelers! Summer is finally here! Our little neighborhood in Queens is bursting with sunflowers and cabbage roses, while our office patio has been transformed by Jeff into a paradise of impatiens, hydrangeas, begonias, and zinnias! The perfect place to hold our meetings in the sunlight instead of our conference room and while away…

Stacy’s Letter – May 2019

Γειά σου, Traveler! That’s my native tongue, Greek! The pronunciation for “Hello” is YAH-soo if you ever need to say it out loud. Practice it on me the next time we talk! It can also mean bye and is used as a general greeting. You may have guessed that this month we’re taking a look…

Spotlight on Greece

No destination has the legendary and historical impact of Greece. From the birth of Western civilization itself to the legends of heroes, monsters, and gods that have shaped story-telling into the modern era, there is much to discover and experience throughout the 6,000 islands and rocky mainland that make up the nation of Greece.

Eye on Conservation – Acropolis

The Acropolis of Athens has been a landmark for thousands of years. Standing high on a hill above Greece’s capital city, this collection of monuments includes some of the most important historical and cultural masterpieces of Ancient Greece, including the famed Parthenon.    

Stacy’s Letter – April 2019

Muraho, Travelers! That means “hello” in Kinyarwanda, the language of Rwanda. This month, we take a look at one of the hottest up-and-coming travel destinations today. Rwanda has an intense past and a truly impressive rise from the ashes of adversity. Check out our infographic about the nation of Rwanda and some of the unique…

Spotlight on Rwanda

From the allure of gorillas in lush and mysterious forests to the inspirational movement of cultural growth, Rwanda has so much to offer that it’s quickly becoming one of the most appealing destinations on the planet! Discover some of the history, both wild and human, behind this incredible nation in this infographic.

Eye on Conservation – Gorillas

Perhaps no primate has captured the imagination of humans so much as the gorilla. With their raw power, keen intelligence, and heartbreaking vulnerability. Our infographic explores the ins and outs of gorilla life and how you can get involved in ensuring that their communities remain protected.