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Escape Your Way

Did one of our set departures to an exciting destination not fit in with your vacation schedule? Not quite the itinerary you were looking for? No worries! Just tell us your interests, availability and price range and let Classic Escapes design the perfect trip for you! No group is too small, whether 2 or 52. Just call us, email us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Birding Journeys

Knowing "birds of a feather flock together," Classic Escapes has designed some of the best birding trips for the top Audubon societies. Travel with people who share your passion led by renowned ornithologists, authors and professors to the world's greatest birding destinations. With binoculars in hand, explore breathtaking landscapes on foot, by boat or safari vehicle in search of beautiful and unique birds. Awake in the mornings to melodious chirping and let the nocturnal calls of owls and raptors lull you to sleep. Learn about indigenous cultures, endemic wildlife and botanical treasures while keeping an eye out for your feathered friends. Enjoy the company of fellow birders in the evenings and compare 'Life Birds Lists.' The sky is the limit with a birding adventure designed by Classic Escapes.

Education & Conservation Journeys

Classic Escapes is committed to conserving the world for future generations, and education plays a key role in accomplishing that goal. We have designed programs to support educators and ones that take you back into the classroom, although our classroom is set amidst trees, grasslands, islands and wildlife! We put you in the field gathering information alongside researchers, and work to spark the curiosity of teens through diverse programs incorporating hands-on experience with the environment and people of the community. Classic Escapes constantly strives to design purposeful conservation and education adventures with you in mind, and will customize any adventure to one of our destinations to meet your goals, and ours.

Honeymoon & Romantic Escapes

There's no time you should feel more special than when you start off on the journey of life with the one you love. Classic Escapes will help you design the honeymoon of your dreams, from picking out the destination with the perfect combination of luxury, romance and adventure, to including those special details that you'll remember your entire life - champagne at the top of a sand dune in Namibia, a candlelit dinner for two on fine crystal and silver in front of your tent in Botswana, or toasting an erupting volcano in the distance while luxuriating in the thermal waters of a Costa Rican Spa.

Generation Exploration

Classic Escapes offers your family the chance to explore the world together. Cast your children, siblings, parents or cousins as your co-stars in a Generation Exploration trip to any of the exciting destinations Classic Escapes offer. We'll provide the spectacular setting, supporting wildlife, and wonders that are sure to bring you closer together and create memories you will always treasure: from swimming with friendly sea lions in the Galapagos, to riding a camel in the shadow of the pyramids, to eating a barbecue dinner beneath a canopy of stars in an Africa boma and sharing stories around a bonfire of the lion that got away (or didn't).

Private Groups

Looking for something new to do with like-minded friends,colleagues, teams and clubs or religious communities? Something special, inspiring and out of the ordinary? Nothing brings people closer than the joint experience of sharing new horizons and cultures, food and fun, the night sky and the rising of the sun. Life is too short, so let Classic Escapes design a trip where you can share the time of your life with the people in your life.

Spontaneous Getaways

Suddenly it all catches up with you, the cold, the grey, the rain, or you realize you have more vacation time then you thought and spontaneously decide you need a getaway! Contact Classic Escapes for exotic getaways such as Costa Rica, the Galapagos or even American treasures in your own backyard such as Florida and the Everglades. Even Africa can be visited at a moment's notice, so call us for that special safari.


How many times do you really think you'll go to South Africa or Egypt? Isn't it worth it to treat yourself and see what it's really like to live like a King? Splurge a little for that suite aboard the Rovos Rail or in the Old Winter Palace in Luxor overlooking the Nile. Save yourself the time of switching rooms or cabins after arrival. Call Classic Escapes for details and additional prices to upgrade whenever available.


Delay your return to the "real" world and swing in your hammock overlooking the Indian Ocean post-safari. Delve deeper into the rainforest, or hold your breath and truly explore the world "down under" of the Great Barrier Reef. Classic Escapes provides extensions whenever possible that are designed to be the icing on your travel cake. So don't rush back, savor all the flavor of your travel destination. You'll be happy you did.

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