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Check your prelude for information on costs, tipping etiquette, and whether or not ATMs and credit card swipe technology is available in your destination.

This is heavily dependent on destination. Please check your travel documents or give us a call once you have booked. Optional medications like Dramamine for motion sickness may also be a good idea to bring with you.

Absolutely. We can accommodate any special dietary requirements on any itinerary.

Any first world destination will have disability accommodations, but it will vary in places like the African bush, Asia, and South America. Please check with us before booking so we may work with you to find an itinerary suitable to your needs.

Check your airline carrier for weight limitations on your flight. If you are traveling to a destination where light air travel is part of your itinerary, there will be a special weight limitation for those aircraft listed in your travel documents from CE.

We can. We have a dedicated department for custom travel, and will work with you to build the perfect adventure suited to your needs.

Some destinations require a visa, which you can acquire through various services, though we recommend our partner, G3.

Of course! There is a single supplement for all of our trips, which will allot you your own room. If you are traveling solo and open to having a roommate, we may be able to arrange that for you as well.

We can! Our air department is happy to work with you to find the best flight option from your location to your destination.

We do not sell travel insurance. If you are traveling with an organization, it is possible that insurance is provided in your travel cost. If not, we recommend purchasing travel insurance through our partner, Travel Guard. Please visit the website to enroll – For any questions, you may have on insurance, contact Travel Guard at 1-866-385-4839 and refer to ARC #71298.

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