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Learn more about our important COVID Safety Protocols

As travelers, we have all encountered frightening global news, from illnesses to natural disasters. With breaking daily news revealing the rates of infection falling and rising like the tides of the ocean, we are in constant contact with our supplier partners for the most reliable information on local conditions.

You may know that Classic Escapes operates private/exclusive journeys for small groups and individuals to hundreds of destinations both domestic and abroad. Our small group model enables us the flexibility to maintain social distancing; an essential behavior promoted by the Centers for Disease Control and health providers worldwide.

We continue to modify our protocols to address ever changing conditions and requirements and while it would be impossible to list all of them here, we would like to share those that are both essential and common for all of our journeys.

• All Hotels, Lodges & Camps, Restaurants, as well as Drivers, guides, and Tour and Transportation companies will comply with Covid-19 protocols in line with government regulations defined by the World Health Organization including enhanced sanitization of all surfaces in vehicles, hotels, lodges, and camps, restaurants and museums.
• Staff members undergo health screening at regular intervals and are required to wear face masks and rubber gloves when meeting with clients and handling traveler luggage (this applies to meet and greet staff and briefers).
• Classic Escapes will provide reusable water bottle and access to clean/safe water for the safety of our travelers and the environment.
• All travelers are required to wear face masks in group settings and to wash their hands frequently.

Detailed protocols for specific destinations will be provided to all travelers well in advance of departure.

We are optimistic about the near future and truly believe that there are better days ahead. We are still accepting reservations for trips in 2021. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns about upcoming travel for your next adventure.

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