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British Columbia, Canada – Vancouver Island – Rules of Land, Sea, and Air: Bears, Orcas, and Eagles
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The Pacific shores of Canada boast a bounty of wildlife nurtured on land and sea by the abundance of water. This is most true for an island, which is defined by its relationship with water. On Vancouver Island watch as sea lions and porpoises dart to and fro beneath your swift boat. Search for killer whales and look up to the sky for the majestic Bald Eagle. Visit with venerable giants at Cathedral Grove. Explore the lush rainforest at the Pacific Rim National Park, and walk along a dramatic shoreline riddled with driftwood to the chatter of commiserating Yellowlegs. Watch as black bears forage along the shore, and as gray whales breach. Here, steps away from the refinement of your civilized accommodations, is a water world bursting with life, which can be accessed with the ease of an outstretched hand.

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Arrive Vancouver, British Columbia, the jumping off point of your Canadian wildlife adventure. Tonight enjoy the sophisticated comfort of your hotel. MARRIOTT PINNACLE DOWNTOWN.

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For our Vancouver Island program, being detached from the continent allo ws the island to have a more tem- perate climate as the ocean air brings more humidity to the island, keeping it warmer, although a bit more rainy, too. In the s um- mer months, it is quite sunny and ideal for the activities outlined in our itinerary. The Fall is also wonderful for foliage viewing.