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Peru – Land of Mysticism … Five Thousand Years of History

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Peru, like much of Latin America, has been called the “New World” which belies the true legacy of its ancient cultures. The irony lies in the fact that temples of a 4,000 year old vintage have been discovered beneath walls of Incan construction, which were themselves subsumed by Spanish colonial buildings. See stunning extravagant works of pre-Columbian craftsmen displayed in a museum built atop a 7th Century pyramid. View the remains of a once thriving metropolis of thousands, constructed of entirely adobe in Chan Chan, and the extravagant artifacts from the Lord of Sipan’s tomb. See the lofty precipitous walls of Machu Picchu and the formidable fortress of Sacsayhuaman in Cusco. In Peru, it becomes clear that one does not have to travel to Egypt to be awed by the feats of ancient civilizations.

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Arrive in Lima where you are escorted to your hotel in the sophisticated suburb of San Ysidro. Next day, delve into a history that stretches back thousands of years. Begin with the Plaza Mayor, the center of colonial Lima with colonial era government buildings and cathedral. Continue on to the Larco Museum, a compendium of pre-Columbian and pre-Incan artifacts housed within the former vice royal mansion built over a 7th Century pyramid. Afterward, see a private collection of religious art at the Barbosa Stern home. Your welcome dinner features Peruvian foods at La Huaca Pucclana, located in a pre-Columbian temple in the 15-acre archaeological site. ATTON SAN YSIDRO.


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  • Flight between Arequipa and Lima on the extension.
  • Superior and best available accommodations in Peru.
  • Andean Explorer train from Cusco to Puno on the extension.
  • American breakfast daily. All other meals as specified.
  • Gratuities for baggage handling, hotel tips, and taxes.
  • Expert local English-speaking guides.
  • Peruvian escort throughout with 10 travelers.
  • Water with meals and in motor coaches.
  • All entrance fees.
  • Complimentary baggage tags and passport wallet.
  • Complimentary emergency evacuation insurance.
The only thing predictable about Peru’s weather is its unpredictability. In fact, it’s not uncommon to experience all four seasons in a single day. Generally speaking, Peru has two seasons, wet and dry, but in a country as geographically diverse as Peru, local weather patterns vary greatly. In the highlands, the dry season is between June and October. The desert coast is arid. From January to March the sky is clear and the air tends to be hot and sticky. Peruvians go to the beach at this time. The rest of the year the gray coastal mist known as garua moves in. The Amazon experiences rain, heat and more rain and heat – the wettest months are December through May, but even then, it rarely rains for more than a few hours at a time and the water levels are high, meaning you do more boat activities, as opposed to the dry month when you can do more trekking.