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Cuba – Caribbean Vibrations: The Beating of Cuba’s Musical Heart
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The ebb and flow of Cuba is omnipresent and is manifested in vibrations that reverberate throughout this dynamic place. Every pore is filled with the low hum of vintage cars that course through the aged streets of Havana, with the sounds of music syncopated to a rhythm of the past. Feet step, hips sway in response to the addictive pulsations. The lull and crescendo of conversation emanate from doors of Havana’s classic bars and spill into the street adding to the chorus of sounds around you. As the ears are enticed by the myriad sounds, the eyes are entranced visual works of genius in colors that draw sight in every direction, creating rhythmic sensations in the mind. In every corner is some expression of the Cuban soul: a splash of color here, a guitar riff there, a serpentine vine crawling up a Spanish arch. It is spice, it is movement, it is the lugubriously refreshing essence of a mojito, it is Cuba

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Land in Marti International Airport and begin your touring through historic Havana. Take an elevator ride to the top of a 375-foot tall tower, part of the Jose Marti memorial, for a panoramic view of Havana. After lunch, take a tour of the Museum of Fine Arts’ Cuban Collection, housed in the beautiful Palacio de Bellas Artes, which boasts the largest collection of works by Cuban artists in the world. Visit with members of the Cuban Museum of Music and learn about music in Cuba with a small gathering of musicians. After dinner at Café Elite, a local Paladar, get your first taste of nightlife at one of Havana’s venerable bars. HOTEL SARATOGA.


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Cuba’s climate is mild and subtropical. Throughout the year, temperatures range between 65 degrees and 95 degrees, making it a wonderful destination to visit particularly in the winter. The rainy season is May to October, but it does not rain every day or all day, although there can be torrential rain at times, including hurricanes between June and November. The dry season is November through April.