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Learn more about our important COVID Safety Protocols

Like most of the world, we here at Classic Escapes are closely monitoring the COVID-19 coronavirus news as it develops.

It is understandable that our travelers may be feeling uncertain about upcoming trips to various parts of the world. Our journey managers are keeping a close eye on outbreak numbers in every destination we offer, in the event that an upcoming journey needs to be postponed until the medical crisis is over.

If you are considering postponing an upcoming departure due to concerns about the virus, give us a call. We will discuss the most recent reports from your destination and assist you in finding the best option to ensure that you are comfortable with your departure dates.

Of course, as global travelers, we have all encountered frightening global news, from illnesses to natural disasters. We understand how essential it is to be up to date on any news regarding the spread of the virus and to have contingency plans in place for travelers who may be affected.

If your destination is affected, rest assured that we will contact you with updates. Thank you for your patience and your patronage.

Locations with Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Global Map
As of March 4, 2020








Get case updates from the World Health Organization here.

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