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Great Escapes: Uganda – Gorillas & Wildlife in the Land of the Mountains of the Moon
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Discover Uganda – known as the Pearl of Africa by British explorers – a county noted for outstanding beauty and diversity – from the ethereal Mountains of the Moon to open savannahs and impenetrable forest. Uganda is the center of Africa’s own “Great Lakes” system. All that water has produced a country of verdant landscapes and thick forests, while the dark, rich soils support all manner of life. It is in these densely packed (often called impenetrable) forests that Uganda’s most famous residents reside—the awe-inspiring mountain gorilla. These powerful and intelligent animals will often view you with as much scrutiny and curiosity as you are viewing them. It is an incredible reminder that there are still realms where humans are the visitors, and visitation is a privilege. Here is one such place.


  • Flight between Entebbe and Kasese (Kibale,) as well as between Kihihi (Bwindi) and Entebbe.
  • Superior accommodations throughout as indicated or similar.
  • All meals while on safari in Uganda.
  • Wildlife viewing in specially-designed 4-wheel drive safari vehicles, with open roof viewing hatches
    for wildlife viewing and photography. A window seat is guaranteed.  Chimpanzee and gorilla
    trekking will be made on foot.
  • Complimentary bottled water in vehicles.
  • Gratuities for baggage handling, hotel tips and all applicable hotel and lodge taxes.
  • National Park and Reserves entry fees.
  • Complimentary baggage tags.
  • Complimentary emergency evacuation insurance.


Your journey begins as you board your overnight flight to Entebbe.

Meals Aloft
Uganda is a beautiful country and lovely to visit any time of the year. When gorilla trekking, it’s not uncommon to encounter rain. After all, it is the rainforest you will be visiting and it rains quite a lot, but that will not stop you from trekking to see the gorillas, just have adequate raingear and hiking boots. The rainy season overall in the country follows the East Africa pattern – long rains in April/May, and short rains in November. Gorilla viewing is actually better during the rainy season, as they’re generally feeding in lower elevation and can be viewed with less trekking. However, this can never be guaranteed – neither can one guarantee 100% success in viewing the gorillas, although they’re almost always sighted.