Greece – Playground of the Gods & Island Life
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Greece gave birth to democracy and saw the rise of such leaders as Agamemnon, Pericles, and Alexander the Great. Equally revered, Greek mythology gave us Zeus and Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, Heracles and Medusa. On this tour, discover the essence of Greece. From the incredible finds in Mycenae to the birthplace of Asclepius, nothing is left unexplored. Take in the natural beauty of Santorini as you gaze upon the white washed buildings along the cliffs. Swim in crystal clear water along the coast of Milos. Along the way, find extraordinary Greek hospitality, distinctive cuisine, knowledgeable guides, and world-class accommodations.
Your journey begins as you board your overnight flight to Athens. (Meals Aloft)

Meals Aloft

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