Egypt – Odyssey Through The Sands of Time
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Discover the allure of sun-drenched sands, bustling cities, majestic monuments and Pharaonic treasures on a journey to Egypt. From literary writers, including Agatha Christie and Penelope Lively, and films such as The Mummy, Cleopatra and Indiana Jones, the lure of this ancient country with its incredible Egyptian civilization that ruled for three millennia is hard to resist – tourists, archeologists and historians flock to its treasure trove of romantic, and sometimes savage, history. Dissected by the mighty Nile River that flows north into the Mediterranean Sea, the Egyptian landscape is awash with low-lying sand dunes broken by sandstone plateaus and cliffs in the southwest near the Nile and Red Sea. The only fertile area is a small five to ten-mile section in the Nile Valley, where 98% of the country’s 74 million people reside and the location of capital city, Cairo. Get ready to soak up the exotic mix of cultures, where Arabic is the official language, followed by English and French, as you begin your unforgettable adventure to a land steeped in time and timeless civilizations.

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The excitement of your odyssey begins as you board your overnight flight to Cairo.

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