Adventure is wrapped in luxury in Botswana, where you wing your way from camp to camp on small planes. No lines, no check-in, just the cheerful hello of the pilot as he tosses your duffle in the back of your ‘taxi in the sky.’

Step into a world bound by no geographical limits in a wild journey to East Africa.

Savor some of man and nature’s greatest creations on a cultural and wildlife safari to Egypt and Kenya.

Discover the safari life that you’ve only heard about through books and movies. Roam the African bush where much of the film ‘Out of Africa’ was set and trek for mountain gorillas in the volcanic hills of Rwanda in the footsteps of Dian Fossey.

Exclusive, elegant, exciting and unique – pamper yourself with our couture Kenya, boutique travel with brilliant flair.

Join us on a service adventure through the rich landscapes and abundant wildlife of Kenya.

Be astonished by the beauty and diversity of birds and animals one can easily observe on a Kenyan safari.

Looking for a way to bridge the generation gap? Try speaking the language of safari. Share the excitement of the first charge of an elephant.

“All I wanted to do was get back to Kenya,” said Ernest Hemingway. You will feel the same way too!

Only canvas stands between you and your dreams of life in the bush – painted in your mind by the safari expeditions detailed in books by Ernest Hemingway, Beryl Markham and Karen Blixen – and the tented camps they called home.