Gecko foot inspired super glue

Television stands might be a thing of the past, thanks to an unlikely source - the gecko. One of the largest geckos is the Tokay Gecko, which you might find hanging out on a wall on one our trips to India or Thailand.Mounting your television on a wall could get a whole lot easier thanks to geckos like the Tokay. Although the gecko is little, it has huge sticking power, several times its body weight, and scientists have for years tried to figure out just how the gecko is able to stick to nearly any surface. According to this article, Gecko Feet Inspire Amazing Glue, the lizard inspired glue, called GeckSkin, can hold up to 700 pounds on a smooth wall. One of the scientists involved in the project, Professor Alfred Crosby at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, said that the "...Geckskin device is about 16 inches square, about the size of an index card, and can hold a maximum force of about 700 pounds while adhering to a smooth surface such as glass." The device can be released without leaving a mark and reused several times with almost no loss in stickiness. For years scientists had pondered how to harness the power of the gecko's sticking ability, but it was only recently a breakthrough was made. The research team at the University of Massachusetts Amherst continue to try and improve their design by further studying gecko feet.