Unravel the wonders of the Ionian and the Adriatic Seas as you cruise through picturesque islands and sun-kissed shores. Begin with your exploration of Athens where the Acropolis stands high above the city as a testament to old glories.


Witness the splendor of the Greek Isles on this exciting cruise through the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. Dip your feet into the warm, blue waters as you move from island to island in comfort aboard your charming motor-sailer, the M/S Galileo (26 cabins.)

Acropolis Sunset

Classical Greece gave birth to democracy and saw the rise of such leaders as Agamemnon, Pericles, and Alexander the Great. Equally revered, Greek mythology gave us Zeus and Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, Heracles and Medusa.

This is an exclusive opportunity to witness the many splendors of Greece—its legendary temples, ancient legends and Classical art; white sand beaches and deep blue seas; unique culture and mouthwatering cuisine—with a local twist.

Palace of Westminster

London’s theatrical tradition can be traced back to medieval mystery plays held in the streets, markets and cathedrals, when “all the world”–at least, all of London–truly was a stage.